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Are you making yourself unhappy trying to make everyone else happy?

I'll give you a fresh perspective.

Stop saying THAT!!! Get happier with the "5 Words to Kick Out of Your Life."

Do you put others' needs first and then wonder why you forgot what flavor ice cream you like best?

"You have such great wisdom! Thank you for all of your thoughts and ideas."


Hi! I'm Cheryl. An artist, educator, psychologist, and upbeat, can-do girl.

I'll help make sure you don't miss out on what's important. Imagine . . . your inner "nice girl" won't run (or ruin!) your life anymore.

Are you trying to be everything for everybody?

That little word NO. Why's it so dang hard to say? You constantly find yourself going "above and beyond" for others, but feel like they never come through for you. You might say you don't care what they think, but your actions (or lack of actions!) say otherwise. 

It's exhausting. And it's costing you dearly.

You wish you could stop worrying. You just want to move on, feel better, and have better relationships. 

You’re not alone in this dark rabbit hole of “not good enough,” feeling inadequate, and “should.”

Like Alice in Wonderland, life feels topsy-turvy and you don't know how to fix it.

You just know you want something different. Now.

You're up to your eyeballs like I used to be -- doubting yourself, quibbling with your husband and kids, everyone and everything begging for your time, help, and money.

Take heart. You don't need "Queer Eye" to make you over and give you permission to take care of yourself. You CAN change your life around. Just like I did.

Your time is just too valuable to stay stuck in the role of the put-upon, pushover, doormat, underdog.

You can stand up for yourself, express your needs, and still be a good person.

It's not about changing who you are, but what you think and do. 

This isn't another be-yourself-because-you-are-special thing.

This is about learning concrete skills to have better relationships and to feel happier, braver, and more confident. 


Learning self-care isn't a luxury. Be your ideal YOU.


Imagine . . . 

  • Taking a lavender-scented bubble bath instead of baking brownies for the school fundraiser (and savoring every guiltless moment).
  • Laughing and talking over a candle-lit dinner for two (just like when you first met). It's almost as if he watched a TED Talk and realized it's high time he pulled his weight around the house.
  • Playing games with your kids because you're not overscheduled and they did their schoolwork and chores (without using your Wicked-Witch-of-the-West card!).
  • Only saying “yes” to things you REALLY want to do -- things that make your heart sing. Like Marie Kondo personally decluttered your calendar and closets.
  • Saying what you think without worrying it'll offend someone (people actually love hearing what you have to say).

Happy, kind, confident -- be the partner, mom, and friend you've dreamed of being.

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Living your BEST life helps all of us move forward -- so we can all reach our dreams.  



Cheryl Hutchinson, PhD

artist + educator + psychologist

It breaks my heart seeing you stuck in roles you don't want.

The saying-what-everyone-wants-to-hear girl. Underestimating yourself -- "Oh! I can't do that!" Playing small when you have big, beautiful dreams in your heart.

You're made for something great!

Stop squashing your passions and pretending those dreams aren't important. You put them on the back burner for "someday.” While today, you take care of every little need, whim, and wish of everyone else.

We need you to live your BEST life as your BEST self.

We're all intertwined -- when you lift yourself, you lift those around you. You're part of something bigger. 

You don’t have to give up who you are to become all you can and want to be.

You'll actually become MORE of your bona fide self. Authentic, kind, compassionate. True to yourself, your values, and your principles. You'll get the beautiful relationships and life you've longed for by learning new mindsets, solutions, and skills.

Everybody wins.

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Imagine what it'll be like when you start telling yourself stuff that makes you feel great about yourself!


"I truly admire what you're doing, Cheryl. I personally admire your determination and character. You're an inspiration."


"I just want to let you know how impressed I am with your work.... Keep up the great work!"


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